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Year-round Market Featuring Summer Styles

Now available at the The Rust Belt Market Shop this year-round market featuring our gauzy tunoic & crisp color tops, wide leg breezy paints, silk head wraps and raw silk jewelry-all hand painted and crafted!
Shop at Rust Belt every Saturday and Sunday 11am - 7pm.

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Theater Set Design

Sheila M. Palmer Set Design, for stage production at Wayne State University Bonstelle Theater 2001 "Song of Jacob Zulu" was a sensation with a fiber woven organic and textile feel to the stage that had never been done before. Lighting and costume was also done to compliment the whole theme of the show. She has done productions for Summer Theater at the Arts Place and Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit production, Crossing 8 Mile. Commissions and contracts are available.

Current Project

Sheila M. Palmer is currently working on felted prayer rugs inspired by Moor's Influence of Southern Spain 14th-17th century. This exhibition is still looking for funding and will travel from Southern Spain to the United States showing in galleries and museums.